Hi, I'm Ari.

I'm a full-stack developer with a passion for building beautiful, user-focused applications.

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Programmed by Ariana Brashear


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Programmed by Ariana Brashear & Jonas Schmedtmann


I have had the pleasure of working with Ari on several projects. For her level of experience she is an exceptionally good full stack developer. She always seeks more efficient ways to complete a project without cutting any corners, and is diligent about presenting the best final product as possible. Additionally, above her ability as a full stack developer is her ability to be a mentor to other developers who are not yet at her level of experience. She will take her personal time to help somebody who is struggling and do so in a way that helps further build the other persons understanding of the process. I would happily work with Ari on any project in the future.

David Thomas — Full-Stack Developer

Ari has been such a wonderful partner during our time at LEARN. Not only is she a constant spark of joy and positivity, she is an energetic and hard worker! Always eager to step up, she was absolutely critical in developing the win condition on our Tic-Tac-Toe project.

Lyssa Martin — Full-Stack Developer

Ari is a super friendly teammate who likes to keep learning and finding the most efficient way of solving problems. Whether asking questions and finding potential solutions or willingly taking time out of her day to review and assist others, she is extremely reliable to depend on. With her natural skills in front-end, she can make anything look and feel better!

Joseph Han — Full-Stack Developer

Ari is the “Queen of Design”. She has an incredible knowledge of CSS and HTML. She has a great concept of how container should be organized, placed on a page, and how a user will react to that design/layout. Ari is very easy to work with, communicates wonderfully, and can explain word problems (JavaScript) in great detail so anybody can understand. She’s been a great friend this cohort and someone I can rely on if I ever need help.

Zack Rohde— Full-Stack Developer

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